Tears, Idle Tears by Alfred Lord Tennyson is an elegy written inside the determined mood at the lack of the poet’s bygone days. The poet is reminded of his beyond existence when his eyes fall upon satisfied autumn fields. The poet may be very inventive while he refers to the primary beam on glittering soil and draws a stunning comparison. The poet is reminded of the beyond while he had an opportunity to take a look at the unhappy consequences of a ship and the passengers.

The freshness of the year has been compared to the freshness of the primary beam of the Sun. This is clearly extraordinarily creative. The poet is reminded of the darkness of the summer season dawns when half-woke up birds express their unhappy and depression notes. The poet has referred to some sad events of loss of life, whilst the ecosystem becomes tragic which resulted in extraordinary and sad tears. The poet is reminded of his beloved woman whom he used to kiss. Those lips which he kissed symbolized his natural love. But now after her demise, the candy memory is left. The poet is pained at heart. There is nothing besides regret and remorse. His disappointment is expressed in the form of tears. Thus the poet has counted the sweet memory of his past lifestyles. His beyond is reflected in the shape of pathos and tragedy. The poet has expressed his extreme and sharp feeling on private levels. Life-Death-Tears make the major subject of this poem. The simplicity of language and narrative style makes this poem very appealing and popular. Symbols, photographs and similes-enhance the poetic beauty and craftsmanship of the poet.

The reminiscence of the beyond is sparkling and odd for the speaker. Whenever the speaker is going back to bear in mind his past, he feels sorry for his memorable days. He compares his past with many more pictures of nature and is derived to draw an end that his past is not any greater alive. Weeping and crying at such a second is meaningless but still, the speaker cannot separate himself from the glimmering square of the beyond. His past resembles the music of the birds on early summer mornings.

The speaker has been haunted by way of the candy and lovely recollections of his past. As the past gets recalled into his mentality, he can’t control himself and starts offevolved to shed tears. These tears come from divine depression and thy skip via the middle of the human heart to get poured down. It is as sparkling because of the first beam of the sun glittering on the sail. It is unhappy as the final beam of the sunset. The speaker declares the beyond to had been dear, sweet, deep and wild. His past remains as pricey as a reminiscence of the kisses of one who’s now dead. It is as sweet as those kisses that we believe ourselves when it comes to others. The past is as deep as the first love and its miles wild with all regard. The poet visualizes the loss of life in life. He remains alive however the memory of the beyond is searching him frequently.

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