In the prevailing age, globalization is playing an increasingly important position in our lives. But in the meantime, whether it’s far a blessing or a curse has sparked a heated debate. Some humans argue that globalization has a fundamentally useful impact on our lives, at the same time as many others contend that it has a detrimental impact as well.

A convincing argument may be made about globalization now not simplest gambling a pivotal position inside the development of generation and economy, but also promoting the cultural alternate between distinctive countries. To start with, it is the globalization that impelled many corporations to become global groups, thereby creating a contribution to the neighborhood era and employment. Specifically, when a multinational organization establishes a factory in a growing country, the brand new equipment, the new management talents, and the activity vacancies are all inside the best interest of the local society. Moreover, human beings global can get to know every other higher through globalization. It is straightforward to see that more and more Hollywood blockbusters show cultures one-of-a-kind from American, a few recent examples are ‘Kungfu Panda’ and ‘The Mummy’.

Admittedly, the profit-driven aspect of globalization has severely affected young people. Today, inside the metropolises in distinctive countries, it’s not unusual to see teens sporting NIKE T-shirts and Adidas footwear, gambling Hip-Hop track on Apple iPods and eating at KFC. The subculture that took one thousand years to shape simply seems comparable in those cities; it appears as even though you can only distinguish them by using their language. Meanwhile, in a few developing countries, sweat workshops are usually a concerning issue. For instance, reports display that some teenagers employed via NIKE’s contractor’s paintings in pungent factories over 14 hours a day, but are only paid fifty cents per hour.

To sum up, I might concede that globalization does come with a few unfavorable effects. Despite that fact, benefits created by means of it some distance outweigh the disadvantages. Overall, I am satisfied that we need to further promote globalization and in the meantime, the neighborhood government needs to take measures to fight traditional assimilation and sweat workshops.


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