How to avoid the ‘medusa’ on Valentine’s Day

How to avoid the ‘medusa’ on Valentine’s Day

How to Avoid the ‘Medusa’ On Valentine’s Eve: Learn how to get rid of it on Valentine Day.

The Valentine’s Adoption Adoption Agency has put out a new video that explains what to do if you see a Medusa.

The video is titled “Love and Adoption: A Medusa Guide,” and explains how to tell if a medusa is a real or fake pet.

According to the ad agency, the medusa has a dark skin color and a long neck, and it has “sharp features.”

It also has “a long, red tongue.”

If you spot a medusas in your neighborhood, call the agency at 717-722-6142 or email them at [email protected]

The agency has released a free app called “Loves and Adoptions: A Love and Adopting Guide for Pets.”

You can also download the app on the app store for free and view the guide on YouTube.

The app also has a downloadable video.

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