Saver saves $2.5 million on new apartment building

Saver saves $2.5 million on new apartment building

Saver is getting a lot of flak from residents in Sydney for a $2 million project to replace a former apartment building with a new, high-rise apartment complex.

Residents have complained that the plan to build a three-storey apartment complex was rushed and that they were never given a chance to see the final design before it was unveiled last year.

“The project is the worst piece of shit I have ever seen in my life,” one resident said in a video posted on Facebook.

“It’s like a massive sewer project with no consultation.

They went through an expensive trial with the planning department, but the final product is so bad it’s disgusting.”

Residents have also criticised the cost of the project, calling it an “expensive gamble” and a “disgrace”.

“This project is an utter disgrace, an absolute waste of money,” another resident said.

The project was originally scheduled to cost $2 billion but the Sydney City Council decided to go ahead with the $1.2 billion project.

Saver is trying to build two new towers, one of which will have six storeys, on the site of the former Hotel Bordeaux in the CBD.

A third building will have four storeys and will be completed by 2021.

Residents are also upset that the council decided to approve the $2-million project at all, instead of consulting with them first.

Council’s housing spokesperson, John Williams, said that the project was a “bail-out” to the hotel, but residents have told him that the decision to approve a $1 billion project was driven by “a lot of vested interests”.

He said it was not the council’s job to be the go-between in the process and the decision was ultimately theirs.

“This is about the interests of developers, the developers have an interest in having a high-density development, so they’ve got a vested interest in approving the project,” he said.

“There’s a lot more to this project than a high rise apartment complex, that’s for sure.”

Savers director of housing, Mark Smith, said the project would be designed to cater to the needs of a growing population.

“We have a growing market and we want to provide the best affordable housing to our residents, so that’s what we’re doing,” he told The West Australian.

There are currently more than 1,300 properties across Sydney in need of a new home.

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