How to Write a Lesbian’s Story

How to Write a Lesbian’s Story

When I was growing up, I never thought I would write a lesbian’s story.

I just assumed that women were just like men, so writing about them was just part of my daily life.

That was before I met a lesbian.

We were at a convention in the early 1990s and the theme of the year was “Let’s Talk Lesbians.”

When we sat down to read the convention’s rules, we were so blown away by the sheer amount of lesbians we found in the convention that we couldn’t wait to write our own story.

After we finished reading the rules, I realized I didn’t know anything about lesbians.

It was so exciting and exciting that I wanted to tell a lesbian story.

So I began writing a lesbian love story.

It took me years to get it out, and when I finally did, I was blown away.

I was so excited and I knew I had to tell this story.

How to Write A Lesbian’s Love Story In the first three chapters, you should follow the rules.

Here are the rules for writing a Lesbian Love Story: 1.

It should be about two lesbians. 


The story should be told in a friendly, non-threatening way, and it should be a straight, straight-identified woman who loves women. 


The main character should be someone who is open and honest with the reader. 


The characters should be real and not made up. 5.

The plot should not have a twist or surprise, but it should have a reason for the main character’s decisions and how they came to those decisions. 


The ending should be appropriate for the length of the story.

If you can’t decide on the ending, it’s okay to skip the next chapter.


The action should be set in the present and should not happen in the future.

The future should not be the last chapter. 


The character should not change their gender identity or sexual orientation, and the story should not feature anyone who is transgender.

If the character does change their sex, they should be depicted as a person who is at least 20 years old and has never had any kind of surgery or hormonal treatment.

If a character is transgender, they must be portrayed as a woman.

If they have undergone a sex change, they need to be portrayed with their authentic gender identity. 


If your story is too long or is too graphic, you can use a cheat sheet or outline.


The dialogue should be written with a lot of emotion.

If there is too much emotion in the dialogue, it could be difficult to tell what is really happening.

You may have to stop the story halfway through.

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