‘It is an honour to be a guest of Mr. Meyerowitz’

‘It is an honour to be a guest of Mr. Meyerowitz’

On Friday, the former Indian minister and former Indian prime minister Ramesh Meyerowitz was honoured by a group of Indian business leaders at a reception held by the Indian Council of Historical Research in New Delhi.

The meeting was held at the invitation of Meyerot’s nephew, the Indian entrepreneur Amit Meyerote.

Mr Meyeroweitz was among the Indian businessmen who attended the event.

“I am very grateful to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the honour to have been here,” Mr Meyerovitz said in his speech at the event, according to a translation by the newspaper.

“I feel very honoured to be here and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to him and all of you, for this honour,” Mr Meeyerowitz said.

The ceremony was attended by a host of business leaders, including former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former chief minister and the current prime minister of India, and former chief secretary of the central government of India Anand Sharma.

The event was held after Mr Meerowitz’s death in April this year.

Mr Meeyeey was a former chief of staff of the Indian Army, who headed the National Security Research Institute (NSRI) and was instrumental in drafting the NDTV cable.

Mr Meyeeowitz is a former Indian diplomat, a former diplomat of the United States, and the former secretary of India’s Atomic Energy Commission (AEC).

Mr Meyayy’s nephew Amit Meyote was also a speaker at the ceremony.

“The fact that the Prime Minster is inviting me to be his guest is a huge honour,” Amit Meydowitz said, according with the translation by NDTV.

Mr Modi had called Mr Meydoweitz a “man of great honour” during the ceremony, the newspaper said.

“He was the first Indian politician who had travelled to the United Kingdom and the United Nations and the first politician to visit Japan, Germany and France.

I would not be able to express how honoured I am to be invited by the Prime minister to address the Indian people,” Mr Modi said.

Mr Amit Meyeyote also addressed the audience, saying that “our country has a responsibility to the world and we are a great nation of nations, which has always respected each other”.

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