Glamorous cheating wife story sparks internet backlash

Glamorous cheating wife story sparks internet backlash

A Glamour magazine article about a cheating wife sparked internet outrage last week when it was published.

The cover featured the title: ‘Cheating Wife Story’.

The headline reads: “It was time for me to tell you about the Glamoured cheating wife.

She was cheating on me with a guy I met on the internet, so I figured I’d just tell you her story.”

The story is based on a 2010 book by former model/model/actor/activist/actor-turned-writer Kate Upton entitled Cheating Wife: My Secret Life in Hollywood by Kate Upton.

The book is written in a memoir format and is not intended to be read as a book.

The cover story, titled ‘How I Saved My Life’, is the most-liked article on the Grits website, and has been shared more than 3,000 times on social media.

The article has generated a lot of criticism from readers who were offended by the image and its subject matter.

“It is disgusting that a magazine would publish such an article,” one reader wrote on the website.

“The Glamours article is just appalling, it shows just how little of a respect women have for their husbands, that they will not even allow their husband to tell the truth and their partner the truth.

I hope Kate Upton can look at her own wife and realise that this is not how you should treat someone as you see fit.

Kate Upton’s book is so pathetic it needs to be taken down immediately.”

Another wrote: “If this magazine would not take down the Grazia article and apologise to its readers for publishing it then this is a very sad day for us as a country.”

Another posted: “I think Kate Upton should see the light and go back to work, because she deserves to be sacked and put on trial for what she has done.

She has ruined this country.

I would never condone the abuse and I have no respect for the people who write about this.

The Glamors article is so stupid, and Kate Upton deserves to go to prison.”

The cover of the book is still up on the site and the website has been flooded with comments from people saying they did not like the article.

In a statement, Grit said: “We take the privacy and safety of our readers seriously.

We publish a wide range of content on our website which are clearly labelled as such, including personal stories and news, opinion and entertainment content.”

Glamour is proud to have been a pioneer in publishing female empowerment, and the Groomers article was part of a wider commitment to women’s rights and equality.

A Glamouring spokesperson said: “Kate Upton is the epitome of a successful and successful woman, but her story has been sensationalised by a disgruntled former partner and has no place in Glamor.””

We recognise that there are those who would disagree with our content and have a right to do so, however we will always stand up for what we believe is right and in keeping with our values.”

A Glamouring spokesperson said: “Kate Upton is the epitome of a successful and successful woman, but her story has been sensationalised by a disgruntled former partner and has no place in Glamor.”

Our standards of journalism, which are based on strong facts, and our policies regarding discrimination are very clear, we will never tolerate any form on our site of this kind.

“The Grit family are aware of the backlash and will not be publishing this article.”

A spokesperson for Kate Upton said the Gashas story was “completely untrue”.

“The entire Gashahas story is completely untrue, it was all made up and there was never a secret relationship,” she said.

She added: “Kate Upton did not cheat on her husband, she was a great woman and a good husband.”

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