9 things you should know about an ‘ex-boyfriend’ story: An ex-boyfriends story, according to an

9 things you should know about an ‘ex-boyfriend’ story: An ex-boyfriends story, according to an

from Buzzfeed article An ex has been arrested in Florida after authorities say he took a selfie of himself with a penis in a bag in his possession.

According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, 31-year-old William J. Haines was arrested for allegedly “improper possession of a weapon and using the Internet to engage in sexual conduct.”

According to WFTV, the selfie reportedly went viral and attracted attention to the situation.

The Sheriff’s office said the selfie was taken at a Walmart store in Tallahassee, Florida, where Hainers parents live.

Hains Facebook page says he was recently divorced and lives in Miami with his wife.

He was arrested at a hotel in Tampa on Monday.

Hildes’ lawyer, Mark R. Ziemba, told WPTV the arrest was “not a joke” and that his client is innocent.

“I think that his actions were not in any way malicious or intended to cause harm to anyone,” Ziembe said.

“It was an isolated incident, and that’s what happened.

He had no intention to harm anyone.”

Hilds has been charged with felony sexual battery, a first-degree felony, and was being held on $10,000 bond.

Authorities said Hains was also accused of making false statements in a report to authorities about the incident.

Hainees has a history of domestic violence allegations, including a domestic violence charge in 2010 that he says he “admitted was false.”

He has not commented on his arrest or the selfie incident.

In the wake of the story, a spokesperson for Hainys lawyers wrote, “We’re confident that Mr. Haney has not been engaged in a criminal conspiracy, and he has no connection to this alleged criminal activity.”

Hain, who is listed as a former student at Florida State University, was not immediately available for comment.

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