Which sexy stories do you want to share on Instagram?

Which sexy stories do you want to share on Instagram?

On the Instagram feed of one young woman, a photo of her and a woman sitting together in a bikini has gone viral.

“It’s a beautiful moment, the two of them on top of the sun,” the woman wrote in a caption.

“I love the feeling when I feel that way, I love when someone feels that way,” wrote another user, adding that she has “many stories to share” with friends.

But the photo has since been removed.

Instagram said that while it has “strong guidelines in place” for the privacy of its users, it was not able to confirm whether the account in question was authentic.

In an emailed statement to The Associated Press, Instagram said it is “aware of the matter and has removed the account.”

Instagram said in a statement to the AP that “it is not our policy to comment on specific accounts.”

In a statement posted to the account, the user who had previously shared the photo said she had been trying to share stories about her relationship with her boyfriend and that “when I posted the photo to Instagram the first time, it didn’t work out.

It’s only been three weeks since then and I’ve had many stories to tell, so I’ve decided to share them with my fans.”

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