Texas woman charged with killing husband, kids in Waco

Texas woman charged with killing husband, kids in Waco

A Texas woman is facing a charge of murder after police say she killed her husband and three children before turning the gun on herself.

Katherine Ann Furlong, 32, was arrested Friday in the shooting deaths of her husband, Michael Furlongs, 53, and three of his children in a home in Wausau.

“I know she is innocent, but I also know she has a chance to make a decision,” Wausac Police Chief Gary Brown said.

Furlong is charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of the Furlangs, the Associated Press reports.

Police found Furlongo with a gun and a loaded revolver in the family’s backyard.

She was taken into custody in Waukesha County Jail and booked on a charge that she acted in self-defense, according to the Wausachs.

Family and friends are still waiting to learn if Furlondos murder charge is upgraded from murder to aggravated assault.

Investigators say Furlondo told them she fired the gun in self defense in February.

She later told them that she was angry that Michael had moved out of the home and that she wanted to kill him.

Michael Furlings’ sister, Jennifer Furlons, said Friday she doesn’t think Furlonds murder charge will be upgraded.

I just want her to know that she’s not the person that she made herself out to be,” Jennifer Firlons told Fox News.

Authorities have said Furlon shot her husband three times and that he died at the scene.

She also shot her son and daughter in the head.

The children survived the shooting.

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