‘Love Story’: Who was it for?

‘Love Story’: Who was it for?

It’s the last love story you’ll ever need to see, and it’s about to be told for the very first time, thanks to a new book.

The story of the 1960s sitcom “Love Story” was one of the greatest television romances ever, and now a new biography is telling the story of its characters and the characters’ fans.

The book, titled “The Greatest Show on TV,” is the product of a yearlong research project led by the author, author and the late New York Times columnist Howard Kline, who died in 2017.

Kline is the author of more than 100 books, including “The Complete New York Book of the Week.”

In the book, which is scheduled to be released next year, he talks about how the series came to be and the people who shaped its creation.

“I have this vision of Love Story as a story of two lovers, but it is more than that,” Kline wrote.

“It is a story about a story.”

He was inspired by a conversation he had with the creator of “Happy Days,” and the story, he said, resonated with him.

“He was talking about how this story is a lot more than a romantic one, but also a story that’s about a movement of people, about people’s lives,” Klines said.

“This was really a reflection on what I was seeing in my own life, and I thought that if I could go back in time, I’d see that the characters and their lives had really been shaped by their love for each other.

Kline said the book is also about the many people who were part of the making of the show and their friendships.”

He just said, ‘We need to tell this story again, so we can tell it again.'”

Kline said the book is also about the many people who were part of the making of the show and their friendships.

The show had its debut in 1967, and the series has since become an instant classic that has spawned a spinoff series, “The Bachelor.”

Kline, a longtime New York City resident, said that while the series’ popularity is in large part due to the show’s popularity, it also owes a lot to the characters of the 1970s sitcom.

“The people who played the characters, the writers and the producers were so much more than their characters,” Klin said.

“They were the real stars of the shows, they were the most compelling, they had the most wonderful voices,” he said.

Klin said the series had a profound impact on the lives of the characters in the audience.

“It was the greatest love story I’ve ever seen on TV, because they were living in their own worlds, and they were able to relate to each other on a deeper level,” he added.

The biography also covers the years before and after the show, which included the “Love Show” star’s rise to fame and his stint in jail for breaking a drug deal.

Klines said that in a way, the show is a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks about how much they love something, or who may be looking for a way to do the same.

“Love Story has a lot of lessons in it for everyone who loves something,” Klins said.

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