‘I’ve never seen anyone with a vagina like this’: Woman who loves being on top tells her story

‘I’ve never seen anyone with a vagina like this’: Woman who loves being on top tells her story

It is a familiar scene: a woman on top of another woman and holding them both in place with her legs and arms, their mouths locked together in an embrace.

But for a woman who has been doing this for the past decade, it is a little different.

A woman in a similar position has to overcome a few obstacles to reach the level of the most seductive woman in the world, but this is not how it has happened for Kala Suresh, who is currently at the centre of an international scandal involving her role in a sex game she called ‘Nifty erotic Stories’.

Suresho is the owner of a website called ‘My Stories’, where women can submit their own stories about sex, dating, and sex acts that are often described as ‘virginity-themed’ or ‘vibrator-themed’.

“This is my life,” Suresha, 33, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“I don’t know how to describe it.

I am a virgin.

I haven’t had sex in over 10 years.

My story is just that I am very, very happy to be the first person to tell you what it’s like to be in a situation where someone is really close to you and it’s just so much fun.”

Sureshi is now the subject of a global scandal involving a sex video that has been viewed over 200 million times.

She claims she did not know about the site until a colleague told her, while a member of the public had posted the video online.

“The person that posted it was like, ‘That is a great video, but how does it feel to be that close to someone?’

I said, ‘I don�t know.

What do you mean?’

They were like, you have to try it,’ Sureshas said.

The video, which was uploaded to the website, has since been viewed more than 300 million times and has been shared by more than 1 million people.

It shows a woman and two men, each holding her arms, neck, and breasts in a pose that is often described in the industry as a ‘bondage’ or a ‘kiss’ position.

“And that’s not what it is. “

If you see it online, it’s so similar to what I was seeing,” Sancesh said.

“And that’s not what it is.

It�s really different.

It’s just a really sexy scene.”

Suesh told the BBC her story, which she called “My Stories”, started with an anonymous message to her from a man she had never met before.

The message was sent via a website where women were posting their stories about sexual encounters and she was invited to submit one of her own.

“He was like ‘Hi, I�m Kala from My Stories and I�ve read your story.

I have one of my own.’ He said, �Let�s do this.’

He did and then I had a very intense and loving relationship with him for the first six months, and he was very patient and kind and helpful,” Suesho said.

She started meeting other men who shared the same fantasy, and Sureshee eventually met her first man.

They began having sex.

Sureshe said she initially didn’t know the man’s name.

She was surprised when she found out the other man had been posting his story online and had been on her website for a few months.

That’s when I had the sexual response,” Sutesh said of the first man she met. “

It was a very, strong connection.

That’s when I had the sexual response,” Sutesh said of the first man she met.

“My life started with this guy and then my life has been really different.”

Sriesha is now one of several women in the United States who have filed a class action lawsuit against the website for sexually explicit videos they claim are meant to titillate.

In February, a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit, ruling that the website had no business publishing such content.

In March, the website was temporarily shut down by the court.

The judge also said that Sureshed�s claims that she was not aware of the site were “not substantiated by the facts”.

Sureshu said that she believes the video is not intended to be sexual.

“It�s about a girl who wants to be a girl and a boy who wants sex,” she said.

Suesha said she and her friend had had no sexual contact and did not see the video until two years after it was posted.

Sgesh said she was disappointed with the ruling and the company that owned the site that she says failed to warn her that she would be

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