How to make your husband orgasm

How to make your husband orgasm

Sex is supposed to be about love and intimacy.

But it can also be about control, or about a lack of control.

So, how to make a man feel good and give him the pleasure he craves?

Here are some tips.


Make your husband your lover 1.

Know that your husband will enjoy what you do.

It will make him feel good.

He’ll want more.


Have a lot of fun.

Your husband will want to do more than just watch you masturbate.

He may even want to masturbate more.


You’ll be doing lots of stuff that will make his body and mind feel good too.

He’s already turned on to the thought of sex and will enjoy it more.


He won’t get tired.

He will feel better when you have a partner to help him relax.


Your partner is going to enjoy sex too.

When your husband’s not involved, he’ll be more distracted by your work or other responsibilities.

If you’re in a relationship, he will feel more at home, too.


It’ll help your marriage.

Your wife will get the sex she wants and you will get a reward for being with her.


You will feel less stressed.

Your relationship will be easier and more satisfying.


Your sex life will get better.

Your sexual desire will be increased and you’ll feel more fulfilled.


You can have a much better sex life.

Sex with your husband can make you happier, more fulfilled, more excited, and less anxious.


You and your husband should be able to have more sex together.

You are a lot more relaxed about your sex life and your partners are more relaxed and confident.


Your marriage will be stronger and more enduring.

If sex is stressful, it can hurt your marriage and make it more difficult for you to maintain your love.

How to talk to your husband about sex When you ask him to masturbating, try to be gentle.

If he’s really turned on, he may be tempted to do it.

If it’s not going well, ask if it’s OK to take a break.

This will help your husband understand why you are asking him to do so.

Ask him to be patient with himself.

When he tells you he can’t do it, tell him that he’s doing the right thing and that he needs to be comfortable.

If his response is that he can do it just fine, tell your husband that he’ll love you even more if he gets to experience it.

Ask how he feels when you take a deep breath before he begins to stroke his penis.

This can be a gentle exhale, or a loud sigh.

Ask your husband to keep his penis inside you while he masturbates.

When you are done, kiss him.

Ask if he wants to hold on to his penis as he goes back to masturbation.

If not, you can tell him to put it in his mouth.

You don’t have to ask him, but don’t let him off the hook for what you’re doing.

Try to keep your hands to yourself while you’re kissing him, and if you feel uncomfortable, stop.

When the orgasm is over, take your penis out of your mouth.

Do this with both hands, then put it back in.

Do not hold on for too long.

If your husband is still having trouble with his orgasm, tell the sex therapist that you feel like you’re going to choke.

Then ask him if he is OK.

If so, tell his partner to hold him in for a few minutes so that you can relax.

Make sure you tell your partner that you want to finish.

He should be feeling good, so ask if he needs anything else.

If there are any other questions, ask him when you’re ready.

Your partners will thank you for helping them relax.

2 Tips to make sure your husband doesn’t orgasm during sex article

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