‘A day of mourning’ for victims of a mass shooting at Ottawa mosque

‘A day of mourning’ for victims of a mass shooting at Ottawa mosque

The gunman who opened fire at a mosque in Ottawa on Monday has been identified as 26-year-old Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen who was born in Afghanistan.

Khadr is being held in a military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and was released in 2015.

His mother, Ghazala Khadr-Khadr, said she was shocked to hear his name and her son’s name in a news conference.

“I am heartbroken and I am shocked that it has happened here in Canada,” Khadr said.

“The news is a day of grieving for everyone.

It is a time for prayer and I ask God for strength.”

Police say Khadr was the second person to attack a mosque and the first Canadian citizen to attack the country.

The Ottawa shooting is the second deadly attack in the capital in two days.

On Monday morning, an Ottawa mosque was sprayed with bullets and a man opened fire with a handgun.

A total of eight people were wounded in the shooting and the man was killed.

Khadra said it was “absolutely shocking” to hear the news.

“He has a history of mental health issues.

He was diagnosed with PTSD.

He had a history with domestic violence.

I’m devastated that his mental health has been affected.”

Khadr’s mother said her son was a decorated soldier.

“We were told to stay at home because we didn’t want any people to come in the building,” Khadra-Khan told reporters.

“There are many people who were injured in this attack.

Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau said the shooting was a “terrorist attack.” “

People have lost their lives in the past.”

Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau said the shooting was a “terrorist attack.”

The shooter is believed to have been in the neighbourhood where the mosque is located and police are investigating the motive behind the attack.

CBC News will bring you the latest on the Ottawa shooting.

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