What to know about the sexual harassment and assault allegations against President Donald Trump and Senate candidate Kirsten Gillibrand

What to know about the sexual harassment and assault allegations against President Donald Trump and Senate candidate Kirsten Gillibrand

President Donald J. Trump has a long and complicated history of sexual harassment, assault and intimidation.

A lot of the stories are horrifying.

But I’m also sure some of the women in these stories will tell you that, yes, they felt intimidated.

They feel like they were not wanted or listened to.

They felt like they couldn’t speak up for themselves.

They think it’s unfair.

And I think it is unfair.

But the facts don’t support that claim.

And that’s why I’m going to be asking a lot of people to share with me what they know, what they saw, what made them feel scared and scared.

And we’ll have people who have come forward.

We’ve already reached out to a lot.

But if you have any other stories you would like to share, please share them with me.

We’re going to share those with you in a way that will help make sure we can find the truth.

The president is not the only person who has made a big deal out of these allegations.

The Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Republican National Committee have already called for investigations into all of the allegations against Trump.

It’s a sad fact that sexual harassment has become so normalized that it is now even the standard of the political process.

It has become normal for men to ask for sexual favors and to tell women how to dress and how to act.

This is not a new phenomenon.

There is a long history of men sexually harassing women.

It is a phenomenon that has existed for a long time, and there is nothing that we have done to change that.

But there is something that I think we can do to make sure that we are not only looking out for the best interests of women and children, but we are also looking out after the safety and well-being of the men in power.

And this is why I am asking for the public to come forward and share with us what they have seen, what was happening to them and what made you feel frightened and scared in the weeks leading up to the election.

It can help us make sure the men who were running for office were held accountable for their actions.

It also gives us an opportunity to ask questions about the people running for the office, about their policies, about the candidates they supported.

It helps us see what is going on behind closed doors and what is happening to women in the workplace.

And it also helps us make a real difference for women, because if we are honest about what happened to them, we can help prevent similar abuse from happening to future women.

I’m asking the public who has experienced or seen sexual harassment or assault to share their story.

We will be sharing those stories with you.

I want to share my own.

I was a waitress at a hotel in Chicago, working the night shift when the restaurant’s manager came into my room and asked me to undress.

I didn’t feel comfortable doing it.

He then proceeded to touch me sexually, without my consent.

I wasn’t wearing a bra or panties, so I felt violated.

He made me feel like an object.

I felt humiliated.

I tried to leave the room.

I called the manager and told him about what had happened.

I asked him if I could go to the police, and he said, “Don’t worry about me.”

And that was the end of my stay there.

I left the hotel the next day, and that is the only place I ever went to.

The hotel manager didn’t tell anyone about the incident.

When I called my lawyer, she was shocked to hear what happened.

She said, You don’t think I should have gone to the hotel.

I went to the Chicago Police Department and reported it.

The police said, We have a lot to do.

The next morning, the Chicago police department issued an apology, and they took it very seriously.

It was a clear and explicit apology.

But in many cases, people don’t report it because they are afraid of being called liars or accused of sexual assault.

And they are scared of the consequences of not reporting it.

In other cases, they’re afraid of their careers, and sometimes even their lives.

So it’s important for us to know what’s going on, and to make it clear that the people who were in power at the time knew what was going on.

That’s what we’re going on about now, with a new round of investigations into the sexual assault and harassment allegations against the president and the president’s former chief of staff, Reince Priebus.

This time, we have a chance to shine a light on the perpetrators of this behavior and to bring accountability to those who were responsible.

The allegations against Priebus and Trump’s former national security adviser, retired Lt.

Gen. Michael Flynn, were just announced.

The stories were all too familiar.

The incidents started in the 1990

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