Westside of Waco story gets text messages

Westside of Waco story gets text messages

WESTWOOD, Texas — — In an unusual move, a local radio station on the western side of Wacos ranch received texts Thursday evening from a local who lives on the land of one of the men who were executed for the 1999 murder of a Texas Ranger.

In a news release, Waco station KTXL said it received the text messages from a man in Waco who lived near where the execution took place.

The man identified himself as David and said he had received the texts from the man who lives near where execution took to be done on Friday.

The man said the man was from Waco, Texas.

The two men were executed there on Thursday.

David said he was not from Wacros ranch.

He said the person who sent him the text message said the two men had committed a crime on his land and he wanted to know if he was from there.

He told KTXLP that he lived in the area.

The Texas Ranger, whose name is not being released, was killed by two masked men on Dec. 6, 1999.

The Ranger was on a routine patrol in a heavily wooded area near the Waco-Fort Worth International Airport when he was ambushed by three men.

The men were shot by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer who was at the scene.

David and the Ranger were found dead in the parking lot.

David was in the U.K. when the execution occurred and has been living in the West Texas town of Westwood since 2003.

He was also a Texas Rangers captain.

David and the man from Wecos ranch had been in a relationship and the two had discussed going out on a date.

David told KXAN that the man he talked to Thursday was a friend of his and had been telling him to come home from the airport.

David added that he and the ranger had talked about a lot of things but didn’t go into specifics.

The radio station said it will send the text to the man.

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