‘Tamako Love Story’ TV series announced for December 23

‘Tamako Love Story’ TV series announced for December 23

The UK television network said on Tuesday it had picked up the US series “Tamakaze” for a fourth season.

The programme will air in the UK in December.

The UK and US TV broadcasters are developing and airing the story of a young girl whose life is changed when her father dies, and a man who comes to the rescue.

Tamago Love Story follows the story from the perspective of the boy’s older brother and the two men.

The series will also feature the work of the American author, Jocko Willink.

Takahiro Sakurai will be voicing the main protagonist.

The show will be written by Sakurai and will be produced by Shueisha.

A total of 10 episodes will be made available on DVD.

It is the first US series to be developed and aired in the US.

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